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As soon as you have paid the InvestRiskFree service charge, you will receive an e-mail with the link to the web-page where you can download samples of the documents that are to be issued according to the instruction enclosed.

After you have registered on our website, you are required to send these documents to the InvestRiskFree office.*

Based on the documents received from you, we will open a deposit in your name in the bank of your choice that is a participant of the compulsory deposit insurance system. Afterwards, we will send all the necessary bank details for funds transfer and electronic copies of the documents received from the bank to your e-mail address so that you can place money on your deposit.

You have 14 days to transfer funds to your deposit after the deposit has been opened.

If it is impossible for your to transfer funds within a 14-day period, or you refuse to do so, we will have to provide you with new transfer details for your deposit. A service charge of 49,00 US dollars (or an equivalent in the currency of your payment) will be imposed once again in this case.

Deposit terms vary from: 181, 271 days to 1 year. A minimum deposit amount is
5.000 USD/euro**

An InvestRiskFree service charge is a non-recurring payment of $49,00, which includes: selection of a bank/banks participating in the system of compulsory deposit insurance, preparation, forwarding, reception and processing of the documents needed for deposit opening, deposit opening in the name of the client, providing the client with necessary transfer details for funds transfer, supervision of funds inflow into the client’s deposit, keeping the client informed about fund transfer transactions.

An InvestRiskFree commission is a monthly payment due one month after the deposit has been opened at the rate of 1/12 out of 0,5% of the interest rate from the deposited amount. The commission includes supervision of the bank where the client’s deposit has been opened, reception of the inquiries on the opened deposits, closing client’s deposits, representing the client when necessary in the matters of insurance payout in accordance with The Russian Federation Federal Law on Insurance of Household Deposits in Banks of the Russian Federation, and including the application to an agent bank/Deposit Insurance Agency with the request to pay out the client’s deposits into the account opened in his name.

Upon the expiration of your deposit ‘s term, it is automatically prolonged. Automatic deposit prolongation occurs at the rates and conditions as in effect at the time of prolongation. No more than 2 prolongations are allowed. If you do not want to prolong your deposit, please inform us 45 days prior to the expiration of your deposit’s term.

Upon closing the deposit, your finances will be transferred back to your account from which they were transferred to your deposit earlier. Original documents that were received from the bank after your deposit has been opened and closed will be sent to you on your request.

Please note that InvestRiskFree DOES NOT HAVE access to your finances during the entire contract period.

* Business correspondence is delivered by DHL, FedEx, PONY EXPRESS.

**The maximum insurance indemnity is 1.4 million rubles (or currency equivalent calculated at the exchange rate as in effect on the day when the insured event occurs) for one person in one bank.

The investor covers all notarization and postages costs.

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