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             With the help of InvestRiskFree you can not only diversify your investment portfolio, but also receive a solid and absolutely risk-free return on your                                  investments
  • Solid return on your investments of up to 12,75% per annum in rubles/up to 4,25% per annum in US dollars and up to 4% per annum in Euro;
  • Monthly payments or capitalization of interest;
  • Simple registration and no hidden fees or taxes;
  • 100% guarantee of investments’ security.   

             That's how it works:


  • Draw up several simple documents and send them to InvestRiskFree;
  • InvestRiskFree will open a deposit on your behalf in a Russian bank/banks of your choice;
  • Transfer your funds to your deposit and start gaining stable monthly income or reinvest  it.

             Documents required to open a deposit:

             Notarization and apostilization needed:

  • a power of attorney on the name of the InvestRiskFree employee that allows him to open and close* accounts in Russian banks and to represent your interests in case an ensured event occurs **;
  • a copy of an identification document containing a residence address;
  • a copy of a document containing a residence address (in case your residence address is not stated in your identification document)

             Notarization and apostilization not needed:

  • a filled in form of a natural person for integrated banking services.


             The instruction and the requirements on filling out will be sent to the e-mail indicated while ordering.

             * A power of attorney DOES NOT AUTHORIZE an InvestRiskFree employee to manage your funds at any point in time.

             ** Your funds are fully refunded within 14 days.

             If your passport, ID or driving license contains information about your legal address, you don't have to present this document.

Important information about opening deposit procedures:
             In order to assist the governments in countaring terrorism financing and money laundering, federal laws demand that financial institutions gather,

             check and store personal information of each client opening the deposit.

             For you it means that:

             When you open a deposit, you should provide your name, surname, middle name (if you have one), your address, date of birth and any other information
             which will let us to identify you. 


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