The Russian banking system

Development of the Russian banking sector’s key figures 2009-2013, bn. rubles

The development of the Russian banking sector in 2012 was greatly influenced by generally positive macroeconomic trends: the GDP growth amounted to 3,4% and capital investment to 6,7%; at the same time capacity utilization has reached its maximum over the last years and the unemployment rates were record low.

Against this background the banking sector demonstrated quite balanced growth: the assets of credit institutions increased by approximately 19%, the capital by 17% and people’s deposits by 20%. With the loan portfolio being stable, the profit amounted to the record sum of over 1 tr. rubles.

There are currently 885 operating banks total in Russia.


Good financial performance creates opportunities for increasing capitalization of credit institutions, which is very important in the light of upcoming implementation of new international requirements for quality and capital adequacy within the next few years (in accordance with Basel III).