INVESTRISKFREE take WCGC Licensee in Russia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus


The World Corporate Golf Challenge (WCGC) are delighted to announce that INVESTRISK FREE have signed on as Official License Holders for both Russia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus.


InvestRiskFree was established for the purpose of providing risk-free investment services. Currently, the main product of the company is the service of opening accounts and deposits in Russian banks for all those willing to invest their own funds with the annual profit of up to 22% in Rubles, 10% in USD and Euros. The government of The Russian Federation guarantees 100% risk-free operations.


Founder and president of InvestRiskFree, Dr. Konstantin Kozhevnikov said, “Russia is pleased to welcome World Corporate Golf Challenge, the biggest corporate golf tournament in the world, for the first time in the 2014/2015 season. Joining this large family of license holders and countries around the globe, we are now covering a huge territory that includes both Russia and Cyprus. Since golf is still developing in Russia, we hope to boost the interest among the corporate sector and take up its position of a grassroots sport in the country”.


WCGC Event Director, Harry Lloyd commented, “The WCGC are very grateful that Konstantin and InvestRiskFree Ltd were brought to our attention by IMG. We are thoroughly delighted to have both the License for Russia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus being taken by Konstantin and InvestRiskFree, and after meetng with Konstantin at the 2014 World Final, we are in no doubt that the WCGC is in safe hands. We are excited to see how the WCGC develops within Russia”.


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